A few reviews from recent pupils of the driving school.

“BIG BIG BIG thank you Mat.  I started off very rusty and five lessons later, a PASS with just 3 minors. A massive thank you again and will always recommend you.  Awesome.” Dave T

“Mat took the stress out of learning to drive and made it fun and enjoyable.  He made me feel relaxed and confident. I would highly recommend anyone to learn with his driving school. A big thank you” Daniel S

“MASSIVE thank you for restoring my confidence in driving.  I had given up after 7 years of on-off learning and was bought an intensive course with Mat for my birthday. Mat is an excellent tutor with the ability to teach you how to drive with confidence.  Will be recommending you to everyone!”

Izzie S

A big thank you Ann Crowe, Megan says that you made her feel calm, relaxed and supported, she said you're an amazing driving instructor. She always came home excited about each lesson, building on her confidence to believe that she would pass, and got her to the high standard of driving hence passing first time. Megan said she will miss you, once again thank you very much! Megan E's parents

“Thank you to the most amazing driving instructor ever! That got me passed just 4 weeks after my birthday, would definately recommend 'Advance Driving School' to anyone! Thank you so much.”  

Daisy E

“Thanks for the lessons Mat. I got the reverse around a corner as my manoeuvre and the examiner had me do it on the very corner you had me practice. He also had me take a combination of the routes that you had me practice, and through the roundabouts that you told me were favourites. Your tips and guidance were spot on. I only got three minors and wasn’t surprised by anything.  Thanks again” Christian S

“Thank you Mat!  You’ve been a great instructor.  I’ve got to drive to work on my own tomorrow morning! Thank you heaps”

Kirsten J

“I’m still in shock!  Thankyou very much Mat, you’re a great instructor. You really helped me get my confidence back and I would definately recommend you to anyone :)” Amy W

I honestly can't thank you enough Mat, it's been such a pleasure learning with you. You are an amazing teacher and I highly recommend Mat for anyone wanting to learn to drive!

Jayme P-W

“Thanks very much for your friendly, supportive and professional approach to teaching me how to pass my test first time” Lilya V

“Great instructor, highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to drive, been a great couple on months and it’s weird to now be driving without the fella in the car. Thanks for everything :) 10/10 in a overall rating!” Jordan H

“You are a fab instructor Mat! I always recommend you! One year on, I’ve had no crashes, fines, speeding charges or points - thank you for helping me pass and achieve the freedom of driving :-)” Raz B

“Would like to say thanks to Mat for everything. Would recommend him highly to anyone looking to drive!!” Sam B

“Just got back from my test - passed with only three minors.  I couldn’t be happier - all the hard work has paid off.  Thanks Mat for getting me from nervous wreck to capable driver :-)”

Emma DC

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for putting up with me through this. I’ve been terrified, I’ve flapped, hated it and now... it’s not so bad :)  I seriously couldn’t have asked for someone more patient and understanding and I really do appreciate this! It means so much (more than I can put into words) to say that I’ve done this. THANK YOU!!”  Donna H

“Thanks Mat - really enjoyed the learning experience, and thanks for helping me pass first time” Gareth B

“Thanks again, I love driving with you - think I’m actually going to miss you ha ha : )” Danielle M

“Thanks a lot - you’ve done me well! Much appreciated. Top Instructor!” Vince S

Ann is an absolutely fantastic instructor, I'd 100% recommend her to anyone who's wanting to learn how to drive, fun friendly confident and patient! 10/10 for Ann! Jack J

"Thank you so much Ann, I couldn't have asked for a better, more supportive instructor, especially considering how nervous I was behind the wheel. It's been a pleasure!"

Lauren H

Thank you Ann for being an amazing instructor :-)

Allison J

“Thanks Mat for being such a good teacher, and will defo recommend you to our friends. :)”  Nathan M

“It’s been 2 years since passing 1st time with only 2 minors with the wonderful Mat. No accidents, no claims and gone from a Ka to a 7 seater! Thanks Mat ;-)” Mel N


Bury St Edmunds and Sudbury manual and automatic driving lesson reviews of Mat and Ann Crowe

“Shane was friendly and very successful in making me feel relaxed and confident behind the wheel, which helped massively in my test” Jack E

“Shane gave me what I wanted out of the lessons and find myself with a good understanding of driving in general as well as being able to pass the test”

David T

"Shane has been informative, encouraging and professional throughout my teaching" Mandy S