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If we want to smoothly drive a car with a manual gearbox, it is essential to have good clutch control. We need to understand what the clutch is doing, know how to use it correctly when driving, and develop the skill of operating the clutch pedal smoothly. In this video we will show you how to master 'clutch control' in a few different situations - so that you can drive smoothly and avoid those embarrassing stalls! Keep watching after the end titles for extra bonus footage!

This video covers how to use the clutch;

• when pulling away     • when doing a hill start

• when driving in heavy traffic    • when manoeuvering


Being able to steer your car properly is a crucial part of being a safe driver. You must be able to precisely steer your car around any bend or junction you come across whilst staying in the correct road position. In this video we will show you a few steering techniques for different types of bends and junctions. Keep watching right to the end for more bonus footage after the end titles!

This video covers;

• Setting up your driving position   • Hand position when driving   • Gentle bends  

• Tight bends   • T-junctions  • Roundabouts   • Manoeuvres


Most people learn to drive in a car with a manual gearbox, as they are much more common in the UK - and if we pass our driving test in a manual car then we will be allowed to drive all types of car afterwards. If we want to master driving a car with a manual gearbox we will need to be able to smoothly change up and down gears when needed. To do this we will have to coordinate our hand and feet movements, and even though it may seem difficult at first, keep practising and eventually it will become second nature. This video will show you how to change gears, and suggest a few tips to make it as easy as possible.

This video covers;

• How to hold the gear stick correctly    • How to accurately select gears

• How to move your feet for a gear change     • How to change gear smoothly


A modern car will have at least 5 forward gears, and if we want to drive safely and smoothly in all road and traffic conditions we will need to understand when to change  gear. We will need to consider the speed we are driving at, the road we are driving on, and what we want to do next as it will all influence the gear choice we make. This video will show you what we need to think about when changing gears.

This video covers;

• Why do we need to change gear?    • Gentle driving on flat roads

• When to change down gears    • Missing out gears when changing down

• Approaching T-Junctions   • Approaching roundabouts

• Driving up and down hills    • Accelerating the car quickly    • Driving different cars


There is a lot more to braking a car than simply pressing the brake pedal. An expert driver will be able to read the road ahead and then use good braking technique to smoothly slow or stop the car. However, an inexperienced driver might find themselves often braking their car sharply or stopping with a sudden jolt. This poor braking technique will be uncomfortable for their passengers, increase their brake wear, and could even result in a loss of car control.  This video will show how to brake progressively - as this is the safest and smoothest technique for road driving.

This video covers;

• What is progressive braking      • How to brake progressively

• Braking to a stop smoothly      • Braking from high speed