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Here are several videos that contain tips to help you pass the Practical Driving Test.

If you would like to print the guide that accompanies each video, just click the buttons below.


Here we share some great tips for before and during your Practical Driving Test.

Video guide on PDF


If you are finding it hard to deal with pre-driving test nerves and anxiety, then this video has a few ideas to help you.

We discuss what nerves are and describe the common symptoms, and then describe several ways you can learn to take control of your nerves.

Video guide on PDF


This video looks at the 10 most common reasons for failing a Practical Driving Test, and suggests ways you can avoid these mistakes.

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I often get asked how the driving test works, so in this video I drive one of the full test routes from the Bury St Edmunds driving test centre. I include a manoeuvre, emergency stop and independent driving just like a real test so you can see how everything works.


This video covers all 19 'Show Me, Tell Me' questions used during the Practical Driving Test.

Click below to download a copy of the questions to your device.

PDF of questions