These tutorials can help you master the basic skills needed to drive safely.

If you have just started driving, then one of the first tasks is to learn how to turn left and right at T-junctions. This can be harder to master than it looks, as a driver must complete a series of tasks as they approach the junction. If the driver forgets to do something, or attempts to rush the process it could put them in danger. This video will show how to approach and use a T-junction safely.

A new driver might find roundabouts challenging - but they are the most efficient way of dealing with traffic at busy intersections. Most urban areas and Driving Test routes will include roundabouts, so it is important to understand how to use them. This video will show how to approach and drive around a simple 4-way roundabout safely.

The Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre routine is fundamental to safe driving, and should be used every time we need to change our speed or position on the road. This is because this routine will ensure we use the mirrors to check for any nearby hazards, before signalling to inform others of our intention, and then finally carrying out the manoeuvre. This video shows how to use this routine to keep safe when making decisions on the road.

A car's mirrors are one of it's most important safety features. If we use them effectively, we can maintain an awareness of other vehicles all around the car - and this can help us prevent unsafe situations developing. This video shows how, why and when we should use our mirrors to help us keep safe when driving.

Maintaining a safe gap to other traffic when driving will reduce danger and can even prevent a crash. This gap is known as ‘adequate clearance’, and maintaining this around our vehicle helps create a safety zone to allow for other drivers mistakes.  To help us judge the size of this safety zone around all four sides of our car there are four rules to stick to when driving - this video will go through each of the rules and what they look like while we are driving on the road.

We will often need to change lanes whilst driving - for example when passing parked cars, or when overtaking. To do this safely we will need to judge the speed and position of other traffic, as well as keeping good control of our car. This can be more difficult when driving in heavy traffic or unfamiliar roads, as we will have less time to make a safe decision. This video will show how we make sure our lane changes are always safe, and what we do if we get stuck in the wrong lane.

Stopping at the side of the road can be tricky for a new driver, as there are many things that could go wrong. We must find a safe place, check for danger, tell others what we intend to do, then steer into a position near to the kerb before finally stopping the car. In this video we will show you how to complete these tasks smotthly, so that you can stop safely whenever you need to on your Driving Test or when driving on your own afterwards.

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