Tutorials to help learn the basic skills needed to control a car.

Learning to drive a manual car will take a little longer than an automatic car, as there are more car controls to master before we can drive smoothly. In this video we will show exactly how to drive a manual car, including how and when to use the clutch pedal, gearstick and hand brake.

Automatic cars are becoming increasingly popular, as they are easier and more relaxing to drive than a car with a manual gearbox. If you haven't driven an automatic car before, the lack of a clutch pedal and different gearbox controls may cause confusion, so in this video we will show how to drive an automatic car.

Being able to steer your car properly is a crucial part of being a safe driver. You must be able to precisely steer your car around any bend or junction you come across whilst staying in the correct road position. In this video we will show you a few steering techniques for different types of bends and junctions.

Knowing when to use the handbrake can be a difficult decision for a new driver, as it can seem like an unnecessary distraction that just makes driving more difficult. However, the appropriate use of the handbrake can actually make driving easier and safer, so this video will show the purpose of the handbrake, when to use it on a driving test, and a few situations when the handbrake can be useful.

Imagine you're driving up a hill in a busy town centre and the traffic lights ahead of you turn red. There is traffic all around you and you know you will need to do a hill start. If you drive a car with a manual gearbox you will know that a good technique for hill starts is essential - so in this video we will show you how to master your clutch control to achieve the perfect hill start without any fear of stalling.

Block, or selective gear changing is a modern technique that can save time when changing speed in a car with a manual gearbox. In the past, drivers were taught to change down gears sequentially as they slowed their car down - primarily to avoid overheating their brakes. Now that modern cars have much better braking systems we don't need to do this, and can miss out gears at the appropriate time. This gives us more time to concentrate on the road ahead, and to keep our hands on the steering wheel for longer.

There is a lot more to braking a car than simply pressing the brake pedal. An expert driver will be able to read the road ahead and then use good braking technique to smoothly slow or stop the car. However, an inexperienced driver might find themselves often braking their car sharply or stopping with a sudden jolt. This video will show how to brake progressively - as this is the safest and smoothest technique for road driving.

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