These tutorials show how to tackle some more difficult driving skills.

You've had driving lessons, improved your driving skills, and finally passed your Driving Test! You're excited to enjoy the independence that your new driving licence can give you - but you haven't driven on your own yet. This can feel a little strage at first, so in this video we will share a few tips to help you while you gain experience. We have a few general tips to get you started, then some more specific advice to help in more challenging situations.

We are never too far from risk when driving, as we can't control the way other motorists drive or what hazards we might find on the road ahead of us. To remain safe we must use our experience and judgement to drive in a way that will allow for other peoples mistakes or unseen hazards - this is called defensive driving. In this video we will show how we use the basic principles of defensive driving to keep safe, and decrease the chance of having an accident.

There is more to cornering than simply turning the steering wheel. A driver will have to look ahead and decide how sharp the next corner is, slow the car to an appropriate speed, select the correct gear, and then drive the car around the actual corner. If a driver makes a mistake during this process they could enter the bend too fast and lose control of their car, so this video will show how to approach and drive around corners safely.

We will sometimes need to overtake slow moving traffic on single carriageway roads, but since this will involve driving on the other side of the road we must be careful. The consequences of colliding with oncoming traffic will be severe, so we will need to concentrate and use good judgement if we are to overtake safely. This video will show how to overtake safely and smoothly with minimal risk.

Driving at night is an important skill that will be essential for most drivers, but many new drivers have very little experience of night driving before they pass their driving test. This often results in an inexperienced driver attempting to deal with the extra danger of night driving on their own.  This video will show how to get ready for night driving, and how to keep safe when driving in urban areas, country roads and major roads.

Motorways are statistically the safest roads in the UK, and are designed to help traffic travel faster to their destination. However, the fast-moving flow of traffic and multiple lanes can take a little time to get used to for a new driver. This video will show how we should drive on a motorway, so that we can travel quickly and safely to our destination.

Driving on snow can be much more dangerous than driving in good weather, as the car's tyres have far less grip.  This means that to avoid skidding a driver has to plan further ahead than normal and control the car very smoothly.  This can be challenging for an experienced driver, so an inexperienced driver could easily make a mistake and have an accident.  This video will show how to drive safely in snowy conditions.

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