These tutorials cover some intermediate driving skills that will be useful.

Many roads and junctions have more than one lane for traffic to use - and it is an essential skill for any driver to be able to identify and stay in the correct lane. This video will take a look at why we need to keep good lane discipline, practice basic lane discipline at a quiet roundabout, and then use these skills by driving through a busy town centre.

Driving through a busy town centre at rush-hour can be difficult for a new driver, as there is usually a lot of traffic to deal with. Roundabouts in particular can be tough to negotiate, especially if they have multiple lanes. Many new drivers will need to drive themselves to and from work, and the traffic on the roads at peak periods will be much heavier than the rest of the day. In this video we will share our tips for keeping safe on rush-hour roundabouts.

Once a new driver has mastered driving on smaller roundabouts, the next step is to drive on larger roundabouts. However, large roundabouts can be busier and faster, and might also have more exits and multiple lanes. The fast-moving traffic flow can be more difficult to enter, and it is easy to get disorientated - which could lead to an unsafe lane change or a wrong turn. This video will show how to approach, enter and navigate around large roundabouts safely.

When driving a car with a manual gearbox, deciding which gear to use is not as simple as purely looking at our speed. There are other factors to consider, such as where we are driving, how much engine power we need, and even whether we would like to save fuel. In this video we will show how we are flexible when selecting a gear, to suit our current driving situation.

Knowing when it is safe to enter a busy major road can be tricky to judge. A driver has to get their own car ready to go, watch the traffic flow for a gap, and then enter the major road. We have already covered how to master the car control skills required to pull the car away in our other videos, so in this video we will concentrate on how to spot a safe opportunity to go.

There are often parked cars or other obstructions in a drivers way when driving in urban areas - and these are usually fairly easy to deal with. However you will occasionally find streets with cars parked on both sides - only leaving enough space for 1 car in the centre of the road. Unless you are in a one-way street, you may find yourself meeting oncoming traffic in the middle of the road with no room to squeeze past each other - this video will show you how to handle this situation.

Dual Carriageways and Motorways are the safest and fastest types of road, and are really useful when driving long distances. The most common way to enter a dual carriageway is from a slip road, as this allows the joining traffic to accelerate up to speed before merging into the traffic flow. This can be a challenge for a new driver, as good observation and judgement skills will be needed to stay safe. This video will show how we use a 3-step process to join Dual Carriageways safely.

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