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All Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) are subject to the condition that they will undergo a test of ‘continued ability and fitness to give instruction’, known as a standards check, as and when required by the Registrar. The standards check allows one of the Agency’s examiners to check that the ADIs instruction is up to the required standard, by observing a normal lesson.

The standards check is then scored for three areas of competence, and a grade is given:

  0 - 30 points:                Unsatisfactory performance                                   Fail

31 - 42 points:                Sufficient competence                                           Grade B

43 - 51 points:                High overall standard                                             Grade A

My last standards check was on 11th September 2014, and I scored 49 points - Grade A

You can review my assessment form below:

Driving Instructor Grades