Videos to help you pass the UK Practical Driving Test.

The UK Practical Driving Test makes sure that you can drive confidently and safely in different road and traffic conditions. It takes about 40 minutes, and includes one manoeuvre and 20 minutes of independent driving. You'll also be asked 2 questions about your car and might carry out the emergency stop routine. The average pass rate in the UK is just under 50%, so in this video we will share our Top 10 driving test tips so you have the best possible chance of passing!

If you are about to take your practical driving test you may have heard other people talking - saying it wasn't their fault they failed because of some other reason. However, don't let yourself get worked up, as many of the things you hear could be a myth and are not actually true. In this video we will show you the Top 10 driving test myths, so you know that as long as you drive safely you will pass!

In the UK the average Driving Test pass rate in just 47.1%, according to the official 2017 figures from the DVSA. We thought it might be interesting to look at the Top 10 most common reasons for failing, so we can try and avoid making the same mistakes. Even if you have already passed your test, it is easy to fall into bad habits, so you might be making some of these mistakes in your everyday driving.

In this video we want to keep things simple and give you our number 1 tip to pass your driving test. No 'Top 10', just the number 1 tip. If you can master this one aspect of driving, it will prevent almost all of the other mistakes from happening and give you a much higher chance of passing first time.

We often get asked how the driving test works, so in this video I drive one of the full test routes from the Bury St Edmunds driving test centre. I include a manoeuvre, independent driving with the official sat-nav and the 'show me, tell me' questions just like a real test.

Once the Driving Test has been passed, a driver will continue learning with their experiences and their driving will change - but would they be able to pass again if they had to? Emma passed her test 6 months ago, and has kindly agreed to drive a full test route for us to watch here.

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