As part of the UK Driving Test the examiner will ask 2 questions about the car being used.


At the start of the test, before the driving starts there will be one 'tell me' question. You don't have to actually demonstrate anything - just describe how you'd carry out a safety task.


Later on, while you're driving the car the examiner will ask a 'show me' question. This time, you must show how you'd carry out a safety task whilst driving the car.  If you forget how to operate the control needed, you are allowed to pull the car over and find the control - then carry on driving and demonstrate the answer.

If you get either or even both of these questions wrong they will be marked as 1 driving (or minor) fault, but since the knowledge learnt here will allow you to operate your car effectively and keep it roadworthy it is worth taking the time to learn these answers.

This video covers all of the 'Show Me, Tell Me' questions used during the Practical Driving Test.

Click below to download a copy of the questions to your device.