The theory test is made up of two parts - 50 multiple choice questions, then a hazard perception exercise. After meeting the receptionist and booking in (remember your provisional driving license) you will be shown to a computer terminal. The computer may have a touch screen, but you also have the option of using a normal mouse if you prefer.


You will be asked a question and shown several possible answers. Most questions have one correct answer, but occasionally you have to select several correct options. Some questions are based upon a short case study - here you will have to read a short story then answer 5 questions relating to it. 

If you are not sure which answer is correct for a question, you are able to 'flag' the question so you can return to it later for another go. The pass mark is 43 correct from the 50 questions. There is plenty of time as you are allowed 57 minutes to complete the test, plus a 3 minute break before you start the Hazard Perception test.


Before you start your test you will be shown a demonstration clip to explain how the test works. Then you will begin the test - you will be shown 14 video clips of a car driving along normal roads. Each clip is approximately 1 minute long and will contain at least one 'developing hazard' - this is a hazard that may require you (if you were driving the car in the film) to change speed or direction to stay safe.

Each clip will mark your reaction to at least one (13 clips have 1 hazard, 1 clip has 2) of these developing hazards - the earlier you spot the hazard developing and click the mouse button the higher you will score. The position of the mouse pointer on the screen is not important, just the timing of your button click.

The maximum score for a hazard is 5 points, then 4, 3, 2, and 1 point before you're too late to score. The system is designed to spot cheating, so don't try to constantly click throughout the clip as you will be warned and score nothing for that clip. The pass mark is 44 points from a possible 75. 

Once you have finished your theory test, return to the receptionist who will give you a printed letter with your results on. If you have passed, well done - you are now allowed to book your driving practical test once you are ready. If you unfortunately failed you can book another theory test straight away, although you have to leave a minimum gap of 3 days in between tests.